A group of friends came together and thought about how almost everything they enjoyed was affected by the pandemic, even weed.
   If cannabis products weren’t good in quality. It was sure to be expensive. With that, the idea sparked.

   “Everyone should have good weed with making a hole in their pocket”.

   This get together soon turned into your locals-favorite, MOJO. The cannabis brand keeping you and your friends in mind. More joy, 
Mojo offers an evolving collection of familiar cannabis staples positioned with the economically-conscious in mind. We bring you the cannabis strains and products you love at the prices you wish they were at.
Available Size: 1g
Strain Favorite(s): Rainbow Beltz, Jelly Brain, Blueberry Pie
Description: Premium distillate oil is curated and pre-packed into glass cartridges that are universal to your battery. Enjoy discreetly and freely. 
Strain Favorite(s): Guava OG, Cherry Pie, Gelato
Description: Extracted from select flower we’ve crafted a number of favorite concentrates including sugar and badder.
Available Size: 14g
Strain Favorite(s): Citrus Farmer, GMO
Description: Our flower is nurtured and carefully cultivated throughout the growth process. The ripest buds are hand-picked and trimmed for your consumption.
Available Size: 1g
Strain Favorite(s): Citrus Farmer, GMO
Description: Packed into perfect travel sized joints, you can’t forget mojo on-the-go.
      Let us know what products you’d love to see from us!